Friday, March 02, 2007


It is hard for me to believe that it is that time of year again. You know the signs in every species. The strutting males and primping homebody attitude of the females. However in bird country, this means a big egg loaded female hunting for a nest. The males following along as each egg-y female tries out a spot to hatch a brood. So far this morning there were at least 5 mated geese and their extended families came by to check out the tree and bush outside my bedroom window. Of the geese not yet mated, or those seeking to now have a brood with a new mate, the males are out flapping wings and strutting about with the wings extended and chest out declaring to all just who is the better of the flock. He who struts hardest and most confidently wins the female of his choice. Well there is certainly no dearth of females nor of suitors for their favors. This is not limited to 9-5 hours either. These guys carry on nightly 24/7. My parakeets are beside themselves, I would imagine, trying to figure how to mate with the suitors outside. I am sure when the season in over next fall, babies hatched and walking, the parakeets will, instead of speaking "pretty bird" and "hello" will be squawking like the constant honk of winged horny geese. The potential of this extending the cacophony of mating to an all year concert boggles the mind and sets those last remaining calm nerves on alert.

This year, whoever settles in which nesting area will be getting a little extra safety at least from the huge terrapins of snap from yesteryear. I intend to put a small turtle proof barricade around the tree with the clutch to deter any lollygagging around fresh eggs and goslings. Bullies they are but as you recall from last year, the bloated snapper got one or more of the new goslings on day one of their lives. Not this year. I vow.

We'll know soon enough who will be squatting in which tried and true nesting place and YOU will all be the first to know. This should be occurring soon. The eggs take will take 28-30 days to hatch. But the preparation of the nest take another good chunk of time so we are right on schedule.

I could use some sleep here.

Until next time.

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