Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The Month of Mondays

The photo this time is of Franklin and Hannah's two kids. (that's dad's goosetail to the left) When I mentioned last time that they had feet the size of pancake griddles, you can see I was not exaggerating. I've called the white gosling Little Frank. He is taking on his dad's good and bad points. Although barely larger than a cosmetic case, he is the most fearless little gosling I have encountered . He pushes the envelope daily with his parents. Of course Franklin has turned into the goose from hell over the past month. He used to be pretty easy going. Then, if you recall, they were picked on mercilessly for awhile. Ah, then the worm turned, and I hardly ever see Franklin out of the "goosing position" Indeed, I think he is going for having no one around during feeding time. Where once he would sneak quietly up to my door and give a quiet honk for some food, now tramps on up picking and biting and goosing his way up front, screaming at the top of his lungs for his family to snap to and for me to get outside and feed him. I almost-well actually I do--feel sorry for the others, especially the Canada geese. They are relatively quiet and shy and always stand off to the side while the whole Bickerson crowd snarfs down the chicken scratch as if it was the last supper.

Before I forget, I just want to apologize for not updating for almost a month. Did you ever have one of those days that turns out to be weeks? Well that is this month. An equivalent of being all-thumbs. A month of Mondays. You get the idea. It has to do with residual packed boxes from the move. It was just papers that were in my file cabinets and are now in file boxes. Now It makes no difference to me where all this paper junk goes. But then I am getting a little weary of twisting and turning this way and that just to get to the closet. And then the closet itself. Some clothes are still in boxes and wouldn't be missed until Christmas, but quite frankly, they are in the way.

The another item is that I am still unemployed, not because I love being off all the time, which I do, but the workers compensation issue is still pending and so I'm blogging and Stumbling Upon, and gaming. However great the compensation checks are, they do not spread as far as, say, one's salary. And so the cats and I have made some tough choices one of which is to purchase all food and litter (for the cats) exclusively at a grocery store called Aldi's of you may be familiar with them. They let you stretch that buck until it screams uncle. Another of my haunts during all this free time is Big Lots. Oh, yeah, and the Dollar Tree. Well during these lean times
I have to cut back on the amount I am feeding the gang. Personally, it seems like more and more big birds are showing up for meals than live here. And yes, my restaurant for wayward geese, ducks and other birds has cut down on portion sizes and times we are open.. They are not happy. They voice unhappiness loudly.

And lastly, I just haven't been feeling bloggy this week. I think I mentioned this before,if not here it is, that I have 2 calico goldfish. They have these beautiful fantails. I got them when they were an inch long. These particular types grow up to 10 inches if given some space. I wanted them to grow big. They were doing really great until Tueday morning when I had to exchange the water. The male fish, his name is Bryan, got so stressed out by the ordeal he expired. Just like that, he expires, leaving one confused and lonely Lissa who keeps looking around for him. Because they were the only fish, they learned some pretty tricky habits, such as shaking the feeding ring letting it bang on the tank glass. This indicated to me he wanted to eat, that and the fact that he snarfed food down like it was gold. They do have personalities and I really was sad at his death

It has been raining the past couple nights. 2 nights ago, we experienced som pretty severe thunderstorms, with some incredible lightenung. There were all the ducks andd Canada geese, floating in the middle of the lake--no rain gear on at all. Here they have some good sense not to cluster under a tree during a lightening storm, but to huddle in the middle of a large body of water doesn't seem too wise either.

Life on the lake. Did I mention it's never dull?

Until next time.

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