Thursday, July 13, 2006

Family Feud

The accompanying photo is of a hybrid geese couple with their baby. (Sorry about their heads but I was aiming at the baby) This is Henry and Milly and the Little One. They dropped by with their Gosling because they love the attention it brings forth . However, as usual, whenever a family comes by, another family (extended members included) get very touchy about territory. So this couple is taking a risk, especially with Seetpeas family around. Seetpea is now in the nest outside my window with 7 eggs. And so "Jane Goodall" here is back in the hatch watching business, I got rechargeable batteries for the camera this time. I don't want to miss the event.

The other night my one cat Mr Atticus snuck out and took off in the night. I was beside myself with worry. He is not up to date on immunizations yet and when I got him from the rescue farm, he did not have any front claws. I also don't particularly want fleas in the house. He came home around 11PM with a young skinny female in tow, The really interesting thing is that when I asked Miss Pink where Atticus went she took root watching the front door. Periodically, she made the rounds of favorite places of his. I think she was a bit put out when he arrived with another female. Poor Pink.

There has been the usual family feuds this week with many male geese having very ruffled and broken feathers. There is a little Mallard with a crippled leg. He gets around well but he is not as quick as some of the others. I named him Malcom and he too is beginning to come around more often. These geese, like children, respond so well to a quiet voice and gentle motions. There are now several couples who stop by with their families. I think they know that I will gush on about what a beautiful family they are. They stand around posing and reacting as if they know what the heck I am talking about..

Lat night, I don't know how Miss Pink managed to come outside and I went back in. She was not paying attention. Consequently, she had to spend the night outside. Imagine my surprise when I opened the blinds and there she sat waiting for me to open the sliding glass door. Kids!

That's it so far this time.

(Originally published 5/24/06)


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